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This is a project for a music box. It is not an ordinary music box as it doesn't play songs but rather plays different musical tones when different sides of it faces up and gets a gentle tap.

Flip-n-shake/tap music box

You are given a well-decorated box (after I finish it), cube, with one musical note on each side,  flip it so that a desirable musical note faces up, shake or knock on the box, that note will play. When playing, the top side of box will glow with a certain color. Since there are 6 sides to a box, 6 notes can be associated with each side. I've built the prototype last weekend and managed to play a few simple songs by flipping and knocking on it. I am adding some video later this week. This box needs a lot of artistic touches in order to attract attentions. That is where I need some help. I hope to find some help at the Art Department. I imagine that when finished, two such boxes can be made so a person can pick them up with two hands and shake them to play as many as 12 notes. Many simple songs can be played with these two boxes.

This picture tells the inner working of the box prototype, an Arduino and an accelerometer:

The following is a video of the prototype. As you can see, the entire box is very ugly and needs a lot of artistic touch. I will post updates when I get more progress on it.
You have to crank your volume all the way up. I need a louder speaker and a lot of holes on the box!

I will update my blog as I progress.
Here it is: http://liudr.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/music-box/


I have added some LED effect.

Here is some more decent video.

Turn your volume all the way up!



Thanks CowJam. Just wait for a month or two I will come back with a more artistic box and more lights.  :)

Will be posting codes when I clean them up. Right now they're like SerialDebug() and SerialDebug1() etc. I hacked my POV code so I need to trim the fat and rename some variables and functions.


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More details are on my blog:

One giant step forward! Now the box is intelligent. If it recognizes its favorite tune is tapped in by the performer, it will play the tune!

Just quick demo:

When the box's favorite tune is played, it will play the entire song (more or less)

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