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Aug 18, 2015, 10:34 pm Last Edit: Aug 18, 2015, 10:35 pm by joebro391
Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had some knowledge of a library for running I2C on a 2-Axis Accelerometer.  I have found many libraries for 3-axis gyroscopes and what-not, but nothing for 2-axis units.  The only library that I did find for a dual-axis accelerometer was for the Memsic module which does not run I2C.

Usually I'd just buy a 3-axis module and replace the current one, however that is not an option for this particular project.  I'm currently running a MXC6226XU 2 Axis accelerometer that is already hooked up to a custom PCB for I2C ONLY.

Any ideas? I'm currently attempting to write my own library using one for the ADXL345 as a base, but if there is one already available, or it anyone had any better suggestions, I'm all ears.

Thank you all in advance.



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