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Hello ,
As part of MCU exploration by means of simple home automation project I needed the FSM implementation to help me with code organization and debugging.
Here are the features that were desired (in no particular order):
  • Support for multiple independent FSM instances;
  • Ability to communicate between multiple FSM instances;
  • Ability to unit test logic on PC without changing code that gets flushed onto MCU;
  • Ability to "play" with logic interactively (interactive simulation);
  • Minimization of power consumption ("Blink" should work forever from AAA battery  :) );
  • Modularity, so that parts of MCU specific implementation can be replaced completely or fine-tuned to better fit project requirements, including ability to run the project on different MCUs.
  • Simplicity of use.

Since no existing implementations that would satisfy desired goals were found, new implementation was create:


New example ofsmIntersection added.

ofsmIntersection problem statement:
  •     There is an intersection of road 1 and road 2
  •     Both roads have green signal light, which when turned on indicates that road is in "traffic mode"
  •     Only one green signal light can be turned on at any point of time
  •     Unless interrupted by crosswalk button, switching between green lights happens every GREEN_LIGHT_TIMEOUT + CLEAR_INTERSECTION_TIMEOUT
  •     There is a crosswalk on both roads
  •     Both crosswalks are controlled by the same button
  •     When button is pressed, currently in "traffic mode" road gets into "Clear Intersection" mode
  •     Once button is pressed and "active" road gets into "Clear Intersection" mode, further presses of the button should be ignored

 Intersection State machine diagram:

  • [Pin12] --> [Diode+]   [Diode-] --> [R(220 Ohm)] --> GND
  • [Pin2]  --> [ButtonTerminalA]     [ButtonTerminalB] --> GND

Interactive Simulation:
  • Build command: g++ -Wall -std=c++11 -fexceptions -std=c++11 -I../../src -g  -o ofsmIntersection -x c++ ofsmIntersection.ino
  • When running, to simulate button press enter: 1 (which is a shorthand for queue,1,0,0) (please, don't forget to hit <ENTER> to submit the event/command :) )

* OFSM_DECLARE_FSM() has been changed. New parameter to set initial state has been added.

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