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No but you can start it on the numeric keyboard. 
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Hi your Lib works Fine With my new project.

But now I need 2 features. Is there a way to add a empty touchbutton like a "touchbox" ? I'm using icons with the utft_cte 64mb flash ic an want the icons touchable. I'm using now a button with no text and the same color as the background. But on the click iv got for about 0,5 sek a white box..

and the other question is. How can I detect when the last touch was? Maybe a function which returns the millis from the last touch.
I want to disable the background led after 3min and activate when a touch is detected.



Jan 04, 2016, 10:42 pm Last Edit: Jan 04, 2016, 10:51 pm by HazardsMind
I'm using now a button with no text and the same color as the background. But on the click iv got for about 0,5 sek a white box..
That white flash is the padding color. Its is changeable by 2 ways. Either change the padding color or change the padding number to 0.

Maybe a function which returns the millis from the last touch.
You should be able to do that yourself very easily as the buttons (other than the delay and doubleclick) don't keep track of the time.

I want to disable the background led after 3min and activate when a touch is detected.
You don't need a button to do this, you only need to know if touch data is available or not. If touch data is available then the screen was touched.
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Jan 08, 2016, 03:37 pm Last Edit: Jan 09, 2016, 07:03 am by HazardsMind
I made a sketch a while back and I am trying to find the time to complete it. My original intention for the sketch was to be able to make custom fonts and save those fonts in a .c file to be used with most TFT libraries (especially UTFT). It would allow the user to make an entire 95 character font file in any range of pixel sizes like 8x12, 16x16, 32x32, 32x50 and more (practical sizes, nothing like 1000 by 1000 pixels)

I am also adapting it to create game sprites in 16bit colors using a set color pallet (soon to be customizable).
As another added feature, it can save the data as either 8bit or 16bit hex format. (0xFF or 0xFFFF)

Right now I can make color game sprites and monochrome fonts (one at a time, with aid of C&P). The final version will allow the user to cycle through the font file and change each character. Also it will allow the user to modify an existing font file(either the users own file or another users font file) that is in .c format.

I will post the current version when I get home tonight, but as a heads up, it is only compatible on a 7" display and it does require a SD card.

How it works:
  • The Set/Clear button is a simple toggle button that allows the user to either draw a pixel or clear a pixel from the canvas.
  • The Clean button is a delay button that when held for a half second, it will clear the canvas and pixel array (this also clears the loaded image array too)
  • The Save button is a doubleclick button and doing so will save the pixel data in the canvas to the .c file.
  • The Load button is a doubleclick button and it loads the pixel data from the .c file.
  • The big bar above Set and Save is the file manager and the file name that appears (if a file is on the card) is the current file to be saved to or loaded from. Clicking the button will bring the user to a new screen where they can make a new file or delete an existing file as well as select a file from the list that appears. (The list is a little buggy but i'm still working on it)
  • The preview box is what you see when you load the file. double clicking the preview box will load its image into the canvas


The File Manager:
  • New: brings the user to a new view and loads a keyboard. There is no real limit to the file names but try to keep them within 7 to 9 characters long and no suffix needed (no .C or .txt needed as .C is automatically added when RTRN is pressed)
  • Delete: is still a little buggy, but it should delete the selected file.
  • OK: returns to main view
  • Cancel: clears the selected name at the top.

The new attached .zip file has the file manager fixed.
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Hello Hazards,

thx for the update.
With the last update I've solved an issue with the "RTClib.h".
There is a conflict.
But I've find a problem with the sd card library "SD.h"

It's appear a double name for a variable named "pink".

\TFT_ExtensionV2/TFT_ExtensionV2.h:123:14: error: lvalue required as unary '&' operand
 #define PINK 0xF81F

\SD-master/utility/Sd2PinMap.h:126:12: note: in expansion of macro 'PINK'
   {&DDRK, &PINK, &PORTK, 0},  // K0 62
Changing the name of the PINK color it's appear ok and che compiler work.
Now I'll test the flow.



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thank you too for the library, man !


Jan 31, 2016, 10:21 am Last Edit: Jan 31, 2016, 10:25 am by HazardsMind
Update to my progress, but not going to release the files just yet.

I have had some time to work on the PixelArtMaker sketch and what I ended up doing is split the sketch into two separate sketches. One is for Sprite Art, and the other is for Fonts. I had to do this, because I was having issues with the Pixel array when trying to combine both functionalities into one sketch.

The Sprite sketch is almost done. You can make individual sprite files, but I am also working on making it cycle through the monochrome sprites too.

I did however manage to get the font sketch to work to where I can load up another person's font file and cycle through all the characters (as of right now 8x12 font size work perfectly). There is one issue I ran into so far and that is with comments. If you have comments in the font file, things tend to slip. You will see an example of this when I release the files, which will probably be sometime next week.

More to come.

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