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Yes, the OneWire library used to be incompatible with the chipKIT MPIDE IDE.

Just remove OneWire from step1.mk file.

New place for excluding libraries is the makefile file:

Code: [Select]
# List the libraries to be excluded
# For example, WiFi may crash on Arduino 1.0.2
# For example, Esplora may crash on Arduino 1.0.3
# For example, Firmata may crash on Teensy 3.0
# For example, OneWire may crash on MPIDE 0023
EXCLUDE_LIBS = Firmata WiFi Esplora OneWire

The template has been updated accordingly.


Please find a new release of embedXcode

embedXcode • Feb 02, 2013 release 27 • Support for Teensyduino release 1.12

Teensyduino for Teensy 3.0 is no longer in beta; the plug-in for Arduino has reached release 1.12 and is based on gcc 4.7.2.

As always,
• Website: http://embedxcode.weebly.com
• Download: http://embedxcode.weebly.com/download
• User guide: http://embedxcode.weebly.com/tutorial

Enjoy ;)


Hello people, I'm new in this forum and also English isn't my first language so forgive me if I have some mistakes.
I'm having problems with Xcode and user libraries, I follow every process of the manual( obviously I forgot something) but I couldn't make it build all.
It's a small code that only uses the IRremote library just that.
I was able to build all without the library, and then I added the files in the a sketchbook tree node on Xcode also in the index for code sensing(witch is working) but when I build all, Xcode complains aboud not finding the ir methods.
I notice also something strange, in the arduino IDE we have the path library, but in embedxcode you have used Libraries, since Mac OS is caps oriented this has some issue, or I'm wrong?
Thanks in advance



Where the IR library is on the hard disk? The tree on the left pane is part link, part real files.

  • Have you run the Arduino IDE once and declared the SketchBook folder? --see §1.2. Install the IDEs of the Boards

  • Is the IR library inside the library folder inside the sketchbook folder? --see §3.3. Add User's Libraries

  • Is the IR library a user library --you've wrote it-- or a standard library --supplied with Arduino? --see §5.2 Manage the Libraries for Compilation

If you new to the Arduino world, I'd recommend to go step-by-step and start with the standard Arduino IDE before switching to Xcode, which is a very rich IDE.


Hi thanks for quick response.
1 yes I have worked with the arduino IDE and was able to compile everything and upload all the sketches to the board.
2 yes, the only think I have noticed is that, I'm using IDE 1.0.3, and inside my sketchbook folder (/Users/eduardo/Arduino) has the libraries folder, but low caps.
on the documentation was Libraries

3 the library does not matter, I pickup just for try the NewPing library (a standard library)

4 No I'm not, even with Xcode I'm not a newbie, I just dont know it very well...

The errors are these one:

In file included from main.cpp:51:
NewPing.ino:65: error: 'NewPing' does not name a type
NewPing.ino: In function 'void loop()':
NewPing.ino:73: error: 'sonar' was not declared in this scope
NewPing.ino:75: error: 'US_ROUNDTRIP_CM' was not declared in this scope
make: *** [Builds/main.o] Error 1

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