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Hey Avenue33 (olivier?)

I was looking through your version of the XCode project on github and noticed that you have a way to allow paths to use '~/' for the user path. How did you manage to do that?
When I was testing this, my makefile didn't understand ~/ as the current user's home path??

Everyone else:
I will continue making a bit of a mess of the repository for a while as I start learning git and try to set my repo up as a collaborative project.
This repo only makes sense if all of you can update to it and add your improvements. 
I think I should split the repo up into 4 projects because of the changes introduced in Arduino 1.0 :

1) Arduino0022OnXCode3 : Template for Arduino 0022 with XCode 3.2 on OSX Snow Leopard
2) Arduino1OnXCode3 :      Template for Arduino 1.0 with XCode 3.2 on OSX Snow Leopard
3) Arduino0022OnXCode4:  Empty project for Arduino 0022 with XCode4 on OSX Lion
4) Arduino1OnXCode4:       Empty project for Arduino 1 with XCode4 on OSX Lion

What do you guys think? Does this make sense? I would split it up like this because making an XCode project that works with both Arduino 002x and Arduino 1.0 will become quite complicated. There are too many renamed files...
Or should we just abandon 0022 and go ahead with the latest and greatest version of Arduino.. ?



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Yes, my first name is Oliver, and Rei Vilo in reverse ;).

Here's the trick for the ~:

1. Select Project > Build settings    
2. Click on Add build setting > Add user-defined setting
3. Add new key = SKETCHBOOK_PATH with value = ~/Documents/SketchBook/ ( ~ accepted)


Or should we just abandon 0022 and go ahead with the latest and greatest version of Arduino.. ?

MPIDE is still on release 0022, so I'd like to continue with this release.

Most of the issues we're presently facing aren't Arduino- or chipKIT-releated.

They're Xcode 4-related, as code sense, serial console and template.


Hey Olivier,

"verlan" right? this much french I know :-)

I still don't get it, from your picture I can see how you add it in XCode, that's not the problem. My problem was that the makefile didn't understand ~/ and couldn't translate it into /Users/YourUserName/
That's what I'm curious about!

oh and I think I'll be able to fix code sense for the Arduino libraries too. I will test & upload it as soon as I can get to the Lion machine.



The makefile:

Code: [Select]
# print info
@echo "------------------------ some info for debugging ------------------";
@echo "\nUsing AVRDUDE: " $(AVRDUDE);
@echo "\nUsing board: " $(BOARD);
@echo "\nUsing BF_CPU: " $(BF_CPU);

The result:

------------------------ some info for debugging ------------------
Using AVRDUDE:  /Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avrdude
Using board:  Arduino_UNO
Using BF_CPU:  16000000L
Using SKETCHBOOK_PATH:  /Users/OlS/Documents/Arduino/_Projets

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