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Hi all,

I've secured the xcodeuino.com domain (I considered xcodeui.no for .Norway but relented;) and web
hosting with mySQL databases for a year. I planned to implement it as a Joomla!-site but talking
with a collegue I've decided to use Drupal instead. This means I no longer know
what modules are good or not, so if you have any preferences, let me know.

I'm thinking something like this:
Forums: Drupal Advanced Forum module(s) (screenshots: http://drupal.org/node/867944)
Wiki: demo of the wiki-installation module http://acme.yourbizwiki.com/ (login with test/test!!)
File upload functionality
Unregistered/Registered/Admin/SuperAdmin granularity for permissions

Lets start with just one discussion board, put it on the front page, and go from there
as we build the wiki, coordinate our efforts and get to master how git works with
branching and pulling and requesting :)

If everything goes according to plan, it should be live monday and open for registrations.

Again guys, thank you so much for all the work you've put in to creating makefiles and what not
to get xcode+arduino running together. I'm way behind atm but will get up to speed asap.



Any more code completion that is not working?

That world fine on my MacBook.

Could you please detail how you reach the result? I've already noticed the HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS parameter, but are there other?

Please keep in mind I'm working on a Makefile with MPIDE for Arduimo and chipKIT platforms.

I also posted a new idea worth considering: a cleaner make with a specific directory for OBJ files, with a reference to another Makefile repository.


Olivier et al:

If it isn't too much hassle, I know that myself and many with me would appreciate a lot if
you could do a write-up of what you have learned so far about how this Xcode+Arduino.app setup
works. I'm thinking about a sequential description of how you understand everything runs from
the point to click Build&Upload, what happens with the makefile, documentation about the makefile
and other important knowledge like customizing code completion, syntax coloring et al.

I'm thinking this can be the starting point for a page in the upcoming wiki. We can divide it
into the different phases of compiling and uploading.

We can also start a wiki page documenting how to use git for this project in particular; how to
clone, branch, pull requests and merge. I'm still not sure how merge works with conflicting
parts of the same files (say, the .xcodeproject file) and not overwriting other important changes.
I know diving into many smaller files are key, as always, but with Xcode projects some files are
unavvoidably monolothic.

Also, how does the serial monitor work with our setup? I see you use 'screen ...' - is this the
usual screen command I use when I start shell scripts and irssi on remote servers so I
can reconnect to them later?

Maybe it's an idea to hack a quick Cocoa app or script that handles/starts the serial monitor automatically
for the user?

I've also ordered the WiFly wifi shield from Sparkfun.com so my arduino can speak tcp/ip
with the world. Do you guys have any experience with this, or have any other wifi shield
to reccommend?


Regarding versions: as Olivier use a different and more powerful Arduino board that
isn't fully compatible/running to Arduino 1.0 libraries yet, we'll have two parallell
projects running (or more). For myself I'm primarily interested in Arduino 1.0 + Xcode 4.2
as I'm just recently come aboard and might as well start with the most recent iteration of both.

Tim: How does A*.app 1.0 seem to have changed from 022?


Could you please detail how you reach the result? I've already noticed the HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS parameter, but are there other?

Hey Olivier, my guess is that this should work fine on mpide too, as  long as you have Arduino.app installed. Unless Mpide has a lot of functions that are not in Arduino? Anyway it is only for syntax coloring and code completion, it will not affect your build.
IF mpide is not following the arduino conventions, it should be another project anyway, we can't make one XCode project for every flavour of Arduino-style AVR programming, right? Better make a specific project that bases its concepts on the Arduino project.

How does it work? "Serial" is defined in HardwareSerial.h, but only when certain macros have been defined. Those are defined in io.h.
Those macros get defined depending on a macro that defines the arduino board you're using.
So when you pick your board inside the Arduino.app before compiling, it adds a macro that defines your board. For example: __AVR_ATmega168__ . When this is defined, io.h can then load the correct io header for that specific board and the serial communication can get put together correctly.

I have just set __AVR_ATmega8__  in the build settings for the fake target, because for our purposes it doesn't really matter what board the fake target thinks it is building for. (not really sure about this)

While looking through all this, I noticed that a lot of stuff in the Arduino .cpp and .h files depends on inttypes.h, stdlib.h, stdio.h etc..
Just to be sure, I included the ones that avr-g++ uses in the header search paths.

I thought about moving the Arduino group to the header search paths too, but I think you sometimes want to check them for reference...


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