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I've just added to release 1 an Installation Guide.

As usual, the repository is rei-vilo/embedXcode


ave33 et. al.

Awesome work! Just stumbled upon this. Tried to get a project working as per the pdf instructions, there appear to be a couple of snags. I don't have a "Libraries" folder in my ~/Documents/Arduino folder. Also, some funny business with the Build and Make targets- at first glance, it looks like the location that is expected for the arduino_pins.h is incorrect, and the script ends up making empty .h and .c files for it? Build and Make fail because of this.

I have to run, but will give this a good look later and report back. The thought of being able to use XCode for this is too cool.

Note- The Serial target works just fine, puts up a Terminal window that does communicate with the Arduino.



Oh, yeah, I'm using the Arduino 1.0. Is the project template compatible with this?



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Thank you for the accolade.

Just add a Libraries folder into your sketchbook folder.

I know there are too many targets. [font=Courier]Build[/font] includes [font=Courier]Clean[/font] and so compile everything from scratch, while Make only compile updated files for faster answer. [font=Courier]Build = Clean + Make[/font], as in Borland Turbo Pascal ;) .

Arduino 1.0 ins't supported yet. Among the main reasons:
  • Based on feed-back from the forum, Arduino 1.0 doesn't seem to be stable enough.

  • chipKIT UNO32 IDE is still 0023 based, as other boards.

So I rather prefer to wait before updating the project and template.

Nothing worse than addressing two different and incompatible releases!

Has the Installation Guide helped you?

Feel free to participate. I've listed the open issues on the GitHub repository.



Thanks for the fast reply. No prob, I'll be happy to go back to 0023 if I can use XCode as the IDE ;)

My board of choice is the Teensy right now, maybe I can figure out how to make it one of the board options...



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