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Feel free to skip APP_LIBS_LIST and USER_LIBS_LIST from Makefile and add them to Project > Project > Build Settings > User-Defined.

The real challenge is to obtain documentation about Xcode inner structure and keywords to improve:

  • the template sets the sketch as c++ code and not plain text, for code-sense

  • the template populates the Sources List for code-sense

  • instead of having the serial console in a separate Terminal window, integrate it in Xcode debug pane

  • ...


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New releases add Wiring and LaunchPad support.

embedXcode • Apr 05, 2012 release 7 • Wiring and LaunchPad platforms added
mpideXcode • Apr 05, 2012 release 10 • Wiring and LaunchPad platforms added

Code is here and documentation there.

Both build and upload have been successfully tested on Wiring S and LaunchPad msp430g2452 boards.

Energia is the Processing-based IDE for the LaunchPad platform.


Critical Decision Ahead

Most of the open points on embedXcode are about Xcode, especially keywords on the template.

Despite numerous calls for help, they're still unresolved. The Xcode template remains undocumented and there's no sign of openness from Apple. Apple seems to restrict Xcode to OS X and iOS platforms only.

So I'm considering to change for another IDE, with NetBeans as most probable solution. It's open, and documentation is available.

What do you think?


There are people attempting to unravel the template format (why Apple had to change it in Xcode 4 to this weird new system we'll never know) for coding other projects too. You aren't alone in trying to decipher it, but only asking for help via the Arduino on Xcode project means the audience is pretty small. I'm sure someone will figure it out (or it'll get leaked from Apple) sometime.

You're right that Xcode is really designed for OS X and iOS, Apple has little interest in supporting other languages/platforms. Despite its limitations though, I'd personally rather use Xcode. NetBeans is Java, which is usually pretty clunky and un Mac-like. I don't have experience with anything but the Arduino IDE, and Xcode on the Mac however.



You're right about selecting the right channel for the right audience.

I'm posting on both Xcode-related forums --of which Stack Overflow for very specific questions about the Xcode 4 template-- and embedded computing related forums.

The idea is Arduino users may be interested in using Xcode and Xcode experts may have some tricks to exchange.

Thanks to this strategy, the Wiring and LaunchPad platforms are now supported by embedXcode. I hope adding more platforms may help raising interest on this project.

There are so many things one could dream about: built-in serial console, integrated help, debugging, closer integration of the tool-chains, ...

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