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Please find the new releases for

embedXcode • Apr 16, 2012 release 9 • Code-sense reference defined by selected board
mpideXcode • Apr 16, 2012 release 12 • Code-sense reference defined by selected board
Installation Guide • Apr 16, 2012 release 6 • General update

All the manual settings are due to unknown template keywords. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Documentation is here and code is there.


embedXcode now supports Maple!

embedXcode • May 23, 2012 release 10 • LeafLabs Maple implementation
mpideXcode • May 23, 2012 release 13 • LeafLabs Maple implementation
Installation Guide • May 23, 2012 release 7 • LeafLabs Maple implementation

The Maple reset script --which sends control signals over the USB-serial connection to restart and enter the bootloader-- is written in Python and requires the PySerial library:
• Read the instructions at http://leaflabs.com/docs/unix-toolchain.html#os-x and
• Download PySerial library from http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pyserial.

Full documentation and download are available here.

Enjoy  :)


Please find the new releases of

embedXcode • Jun 03, 2012 release 11
mpideXcode • Jun 03, 2012 release 14
Installation Guide • Jun 03, 2012 release 8

As embedXcode manages multiple platforms, including the right libraries and dealing with syntax specificities are two cumbersome challenges.

Until now, the platform identification was solely based on the MCU, resulting on lengthy #if #elif #else #endif statements.

Now, embedXcode brings a new approach based on the IDE.

The Arduino, Wiring and Maple IDEs set an environment variable for the tool-chain.

For example, Arduino defines ARDUINO=100 and pass -DARDUINO=100 on to gcc, g++ and alike, Wiring sets -DWIRING=100 and Maple -MAPLE_IDE.

So the code is fully compatible between embedXcode and those IDEs. This new approach brings more compact and easier to read code, and doesn't require maintenance at code level when a new MCU appears.

This new IDE-based approach is optional, as not all IDEs include this approach. Let's mention Energia and chipKIT MPIDE, and hope they consider it!

As always, full documentation including features, tutorials, installation guide and code, is available at embedXcode website.

Enjoy ;)


I'm working on the next release of embedXcode. I plan to integrate an automatic documenting feature.

After having reviewed HeaderDoc, doxygen and appledoc, I picked doxygen.

Integration with Xcode is the main challenge. The idea is to select a specific target to build the documentation, obtain a PDF and integrate a codeset Xcode could use.

There's still a lot of work to do.

Stay tuned  ;)


Please find the new release of embedXcode with the implementation of the self-documentation.

embedXcode • Jun 14, 2012 release 13
Installation Guide • Jun 14, 2012 release 9

Just add to your code and launch the Document target:

A help document is generated and closely integrated in Xcode.

Quick Help provides details on documented functions:

As always, learn more and download from here.

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