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Does the project compile with the standard Arduino IDE?

The "already defined here" message occurs when the same libraries are in two places:

  • first under the sketchbook / libraries folder

  • and second under the project folder.

The screenshot doesn't provide enough clues to help you more. What is the board used?


Thank you for your input.

I try to build for Arduino Mega 2560

On the standard IDE, I get the following error:

main.cpp:45:25: error: BlinkTest.ino: No such file or directory

If I remove main.cpp from the project, it compiles (this does not seem strange, as the main.cpp is probably already "hidden" in the Arduino IDE), but I get some warnings:
Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/HardwareSerial.cpp: In function 'void store_char(unsigned char, ring_buffer*)':
/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/HardwareSerial.cpp:82: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/HardwareSerial.cpp: In member function 'virtual size_t HardwareSerial::write(uint8_t)':
/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/HardwareSerial.cpp:390: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/Print.cpp: In member function 'size_t Print::print(const __FlashStringHelper*)':
/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/Print.cpp:44: warning: '__progmem__' attribute ignored
/Applications/Arduino.app/Contents/Resources/Java/hardware/arduino/cores/arduino/Tone.cpp:93: warning: only initialized variables can be placed into program memory area

Attached is the path of the project folder.  The Sketchbook folder is empty, except for the .txt file, the others have all the .h and .cpp files in them.
Does that seem right?

Any clues? 


Well, it seems your project is having some issues even in the Arduino IDE.

How complex is your project?

The sketchbook folder is the place were you place a link to the libraries you've developed.

Please refer to section 3.3. Add User's Libraries on pages 25 et sq. of the User Manual.


it's really just the test project that appears when you create a new embedxcode project. I haven't changed a line of code and just wanted to try if it compiles, at all... :~
maybe I should try a regular c++ project to see what's wrong with the environment?


Which release of embedXcode are you using?

Which release of the Arduino IDE are you using?

Is the Arduino IDE installed on the folder /Applications?

Current version 17 of embedXcode doesn't invoque any HardwareSerial in the default sketch.

According to the messages, it seems Arduino 23 and 1.0 are mixed. Best solution consists on deleting the Arduino IDEs and proceeding with a clean install.

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