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Apr 07, 2018, 04:47 pm Last Edit: Apr 07, 2018, 05:08 pm by mozolowski
3020 timeout after 400ms

Getting the above error continuously using Dell chrome book and genuine UNO r3. Even on one bought this week.

Found a work around.
Close the monitor window.
re-select the board from the drop down menu.
It displays slightly differently. Shows the first letter of the port assignment.
Upload sketch.


After work around I now find that Monitor does not work.



At least 30-40% of my students per class are still getting this error on their Chromebooks. Today, though, a student thought to login to their create.arduino.cc account on one of our Macbook Pros and, after I installed the plugin, things started working smoothly. I tried this with several other students who were having the same error on their Chromebooks and it worked for all of them.

So it does seem to be a Chromebook-specific issue. Again, we are using Dell Chromebook 11 generation 2 Chromebooks.



Hi everyone,

We still have not been able to reproduce this condition with our Chrome OS devices.

Could you please:

1) Open chrome://extensions
2) Click "Inspect views: background page", then click the "Console" tab
3) In a separate tab, open Arduino Create
4) Load sketches until you see the error

After step 4) please share a screenshot of the window opened in step 2.

Also, please let us know if there are any other Chrome apps that are installed on the devices, and if they also might use any serial ports.

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