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Hi there,

Do you have any idea how I can wire this 128x64 px screen ? I tried to find a datasheet on the net, but I find nothing... Is there a method in order to know how does it works ?

Thanks, sorry for my english, I'm french.

Front photo http://www.lucboutier.com/FACE
Back photo http://www.lucboutier.com/ARRIERE


I am not trying to discourage people trying to figure things out but your time is better spent if you paid $18 to get a standard 128*64 display and use the saved time to do something useful. Most electronics parts you find in a commercial product do not have public accessible documentations.


Hi !

;) thanks for your answer, I was asking by curiosity ! I tried many differents options, with no results, so yes, i will buy a LCD...


Then I suggest a 128*64 dot matrix LCD from Ebay. It needs to be compatible with KS0108 controller.

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