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Well... seems that I came with this question too late now.
Recent changes in the forum was really  too aggressive as we can't edit old posts anymore. I hope this was lead by technical aspects only.

I have a bunch of old posts where i posted pictures and images, some of them that I have created on AutoCAD or photos I take and post to explain or show stuff.
I recently moved my personal web space for a more reliable server and also had to change site structure. This way I was willing about editing all my posts that cointain external references so visitors can see the images I posted opposite than "broken links".

I know this is a problem of mine (have changed links), but I want to know if there's a way to change that.
If there's no reasonable way of doing it so patience, roll over...

Thanks !


Hej Rodrigo,

you will have noticed we have imported the old forum as read only. We expect cases like yours to happen and we are willing to help out.

In theory you should be able of editing your own messages in the old forum. I say in theory because I haven't had the chance to try it out, but the system is designed that way.

Also we have imported all your messages to the new forum, they are read only, but with moderation access you should be able of posting your own messages to the right locations in the new structure. If you are willing to take the time to update the links to your files, you might as well be interested in taking some extra time for relocating the topics you have been working with at the right tables.

Let me know if this is anything that would interest you.


Hello David,

Thanks for the clarifications.

I can take the extra time necessary to relocate the topics to the right tables.
Let me know if I must do it for topics i've created or if I should do it in all topics I participated.
At this point I suppose you or someone must inform me further details in doing so.

People can contact me at minasambiente@gmail.com

P.S. Had not opportunity yet so: Many thanks for Arduino, extendible for all Arudino team. Such incredibly awesome project.

Salute from Brazil,

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