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I've got some problems with my FTDI Cable(5V) and Diavolino (Duemilanove clone) on Windows 7 (64bit).
It installed fine automatically and there showed 2 (why 2?) COM Ports up. COM1 and COM4. COM4 is the TTL-to-serial adaptor.

Everything good until here. But as soon as I connect the arduino, it starts to blink its LED (maybe at 2Hz?) even though there is no blink skech on it.
When I start the arduino-IDE COM4 disappears and I hear the Windows "hardware changed" sound again and again.

The Diavolino and the cable work fine on my old G4 Powerbook (OSX10.5).
I already tried installing the drivers manually (from their website) and I tried setting "RTS-on-close", because I read that on some board not doing so causes trouble...

Any ideas?


Now I tried the 32-bit drivers as well as the 64-bit, but no change...
My Arduino is powered by external batteries, could this make any difference?


I would try asking EMSL (the makers of the Diavolino) for help. 


Yeah, I already did this here, but they sent me here to the arduino forum ;-)

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