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It's the sort of thing you might be able to do with a propeller chip.


I was looking at the Parallax C3, it seems this thing is pretty much brand new.
I'm a bit concerned about buying it if support and knowledge is low


Hi are there any restictions on the sort of LCD i can use with an arduino 2560
I have a 15" colour lcd from a broken laptop that i would like to use, if it has a built in inverter i see no reason that the wiring and code would be any different except for resolution, and obviously power.

You may be able to buy a driver board (off ebay) to give it VGA or component input - people have then controlled both VGA and component video with an arduino.


I use this http://microvga.com/
no hi-res 80x40 pixels i think, it's good for showing debug info and register states or just displaying any text, has SPI and Serial bus and displays on a VGA monitor and has Arduino Library support.
I nearly forgot to mention, it also has ps2 keyboard support


Found it! I thought I've seen it somewhere, here is the site:
Warning: very 1980ish!

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