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I still have 4 or 5 boards to trade for old computer processors, 8088, 286, 386, 486, etc. The board is valued at $12 but is full of feature.

Wanted: old processors:

I have this:
Details: http://liudr.wordpress.com/phi-1-shield/

I am also willing to add parts to a trade if it's worth the parts. I have one complete kit for trade as well. It looks like this:
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


I have an Intel N80186-10 from 1978, and a Signetics SC80C451A in a big 64 pin DIP package from 1987, interested in those?
I think I have a National Semiconductor 32 bit processor someplace too, 1985-86 type vintage.
Designing & building electrical circuits for over 25 years.  Screw Shield for Mega/Due/Uno,  Bobuino with ATMega1284P, & other '328P & '1284P creations & offerings at  my website.


I'm interested in the 80186. It's NOT 80C186, right? I have two of those. I think they were for embeded systems. I'm not familiar with the 8051 but I'd like to have it since I haven't got any 8051 yet, they're MCU not general purpose CPU, which I mainly collect. If you could find the 32 bit processor, I can trade one PCB with your three processors. I think they're probably a few bucks each to the right collectors so hopefully a fair trade. If you're interested in the trade, just PM me your address and I shall send you the board tomorrow. Thanks.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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