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I just purchased 5 RBBB PCBs. Looks decent. If you get parts separate, you may save some money. One PCB is $2.4 if you buy 5. Then you have to separately buy the ATMEGA328 from sparkfun (hopefully more will become available later this year), then separately buy the other components. I normally buy my parts from dipmicro.com. From what I just tried, all parts together (1 full set for one RBBB), I spent $2.15 at dipmicro.com

RBBB PCB $2.4 (buy 5)
ATMEGA328 $4.3 (out of stock) or $5.5 with bootloader (I bought 10 w/o bootloader and bootloaded them within 20 minutes)
Other parts $2.15
Total: $8.85
You're happy now?

Big Oil

Thanks for the links everyone, good information.


Slight mistake. You need this from modern device as well but it's only $0.50 if you buy 10


Remove the crystal from dipmicro. The total cost is about $8.5

Ran Talbott

The Ardweeny looks nice for breadboarding, but the RBBB has that power supply (option) that's very handy for a lot of projects.

Yeah, it sucks that the price went up, but it's probably the government's fault: Paul's profit margins are so thin that the Labor Department probably nailed him for paying himself less than minimum wage  ]:D


One idea I had recently was to make a bare bones Pro Mini style board.  Since 328's are in short supply at the moment and SM 168's are about £1.80, I was thinking MCU, crystal, reset button and a few caps, same footprint as Mini Pro but with ADC6 and ADC7 brought out as well.  No regulator for minimum cost.  Probably could be made for £5 ($8) or so I guess (more for a 328).  Plausible??
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