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Hi guys,

I am busy building a little box that has two lids. I want to be able to play two different songs when each lid is opened. Obviously I want to choose these songs and the hardware must be as small as possible, in order to have space for a descent speaker. All within reason of course. It should basically work like the greeting card idea, just better, and the songs should be up loadable with a micro sd card so that you can change them as required. Ideally a full length song would start to play when the one lid is opened, then stop if the lid is closed, then restarts when the lid is opened again.

Any advice on hardware to use and programming? I am a beginner at this so not to sure what will work with what or what to consider before I even start?



Start with the Play Melody Example.    With that method you only have to store the notes so you probably don't need an SD card.   And if you use an piezo transducer don't need any additional hardware.   (The Arduino can't directly drive a regular 4 or 8 Ohm speaker.)



Or take a look at this

I'm sure you could put your songs on the SD and use the "segment" inputs to choose which to play (look at picture in 3) I/O Mode), although I haven't tried that, I control this player with a Nano, so don't use any of the ADKEY inputs.

Output is a credible 3W, probably more that you need, but you can reduce the volume as shown.
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