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One more time there is no question of constituting a people's court to designate a culprit.
 It is just a matter of having independent information from both parts.

 This enabled me to discover that:
 "Among --other sources of money, [Daniela Antonietti] had mortgaged her house to pay for a professional reflow oven"
This is a sign of a strong personal involvement in the Arduino project that deserves respect.

 But this does not turn Musto into an angel.


What about Arduino Yun?


Sep 02, 2015, 02:54 pm Last Edit: Sep 02, 2015, 02:57 pm by Dirk67
finally the first "Genuio" Boards arrived in Europe (Germany)
--> http://www.exp-tech.de/catalogsearch/result/?q=Genuino
(manufactured by Seeed Studio ?)
arduino powered car relais / car "micro PLC" --> http://goo.gl/ofWFW3


Why only three boards (UNO, Micro and Mega) has changed its name to Genuino? Why other boards (Yun, Due, Zero...) still are named Arduino?
What a mess...


Oct 13, 2015, 02:57 pm Last Edit: Oct 13, 2015, 03:00 pm by 68tjs
It is very difficult to get reliable information.
The conflict over the ownership of the Arduino brand does not help to see clearly.

Arduino brand: seems to belong
- USA:    --> Arduino LLC
- Europe (and rest of the world?)   --> Arduino SRL

To have cards manufactured under  Genuino brand it is necessary to find  a manufacturer who accept to manufacture they.
For a manufacturer agrees to manufacture boards, he must be able to make money with, and therefore it is necessary that the cards have a future.

Does this board has a future?

The same board is available in two different name: Zero and M0-pro.
Both versions were realized with "active" help of Atmel, indeed it is Atmel  who does the two  designs.

The distribution of sales  appears to be:
- USA: only Atmel Zero, boards manufactured in Europe directly by Atmel
- Rest of world: only Atmel M0-pro, boards manufactured in Europe by Arduino  SRL
My understanding is that Atmel does not want a conflict between Arduino jeopardize the sale of "his" product.
IMHO it is Atmel who imposed the distribution area of sales between Zero and M0-pro

It is even less clear.
It seems, but maybe I'm wrong, that the most important part of Yun have been designed by Musso (Arduino SRL).
What is the real status of the card? Very hard to say.
All Arduino boards are cloned by Chinese except Yun -> bizarre isn't it

Delicate point:
Independently of Yun  status, Arduino SRL will realise in November, a new version of Yun ( Arduino Industrial 1001) and an improved version (Arduino Tian) with ARM 32 bits SAMD21 instead of avr 8 bits .
Which manufacturer will agree to start a new production line  with a product that may be obsolete ?

To be attractive Arduino LLC must release rapidly new products, old products are the past.

Now it is not possible to make an announcement and get out the product two years later.
The product should be available at most two months after the announcement.


Oct 13, 2015, 03:37 pm Last Edit: Oct 13, 2015, 03:38 pm by Dirk67
To be attractive Arduino LLC must release rapidly new products, old products are the past.
surely NO,
to be attractive arduino LLC must give support to the new products (e.g. zero and wifi-101)
almost one and a half year ago this new products were announced,
and now, so much time later, still almost no standard-library is working with the zero without any conflict or necessary tweaks...
arduino powered car relais / car "micro PLC" --> http://goo.gl/ofWFW3


Great to see this wonderful product becoming available world wide!


Great to see this wonderful product becoming available world wide!
But it isn't!!  All of the major electronics suppliers, who provide devices for the UK are stocking the "Arduino" not the "Genuino" .....  The only conclusion that can be drawn from what is being said is that the boards they are selling are coming from Arduino SRL.  A company that I have no desire to support given their immoral behavior and absolute abuse of the name.

The electronics suppliers have no incentive to stock "Genuino" because apart from people digging into the details of this fiasco, nobody knows what the bloody hell a Genuino is!!! and everybody knows what an Arduino is or at least what it should be.  Most people are totally unaware of the legal wrangle. And are therefore being duped by Arduino SRL.

I would rather be supporting Arduino LLC and ensuring that they get the royalty payment that they should be getting. Especially given that they get none from those thieves at Arduino SRL.  But if none of the major UK suppliers are listing the Genuino as a product line then that is near to impossible here.

The "Genuino"  brand is just a very very bad idea!  It would have been all well and good to re-brand and name them "Genuine Arduino" but trying to create a cute Genuino name is falling flat and is just entirely confusing all the people new to this. Like Me!!  I had to spend days trying to unpick this mess so that I could understand what it was I wanted to buy and use. And now I know what I should be buying I can't get it in the UK.. NOT A GOOD SITUATION!

Best Regards,
Fozzy The Bear.



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