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I am looking to learn some Arduino web with ethernet shield. I compiled a few web pages with monitor temp, time etc. But I would like to find a really simple post or get example to light an led or two. I have the fancy (read ajax) graphic lighted led one running but appear too much for me to learn why it works.

Any suggestion for simple form base code. Maybe commented  :smiley-mr-green:
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The below might be of interest.

Google forum search: Use Google Advanced Search and use Http://forum.arduino.cc/index in the "site or domain:" box.


Also, remember the examples folder on the Arduino IDE, this has a load of examples for the ethernet shield.

Its a lot easier to take one of the examples and modify it to do what you want, than to start from scratch.
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Is there a playground example of an http (get or post)?
If not if I every figure this out I'll try to submit it for the Playground.

BTW How do we submit an item to the playground?
16 Mhz Arduino.... 8 times bigger then an Altair 8800 :)!

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