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Progress report:
I've set up four 74141s and two shift registers (595s), but am running two nixies so far, and a bulb.
I'm using a spare PC PSU for power, the arduino is the one I fried so it needs to be powered from USB.  I'll be adding a USB plug to the PSU as soon as I've been to maplin to buy a male type B plug.

Here's some pics:

Click for Big.

The rig (using a bit of Meccano to make a gantry to hold the nixies):

Top view:

At the top is the 12v - 180v PSU.
Coming in on the right is a 5v line and a 12v line from the PSU.
The breadboard is 74141, 74141 and 595 (in use) and the same again waiting to be hooked up and an IN-35 bulb.
The arduino is sat on a bit of polystyrene and attached to the gantry.
The nixies are in sockets suspended from the gantry.


Are the Mps42A switching the anode?

Why do you want to switch the anode?

I am getting a bit confused.
You guys said that optocouplers are not necessary if I am going to multiplex the nixies.
In your setup aren't necessary because you hook up the anode and use a 74hc595 with two 74141 for 2 nixies. So if you have 6 nixies you have 3 595 and 6 74141, at least.

But, if you, for example, connect all the cathodes of your nixies together to a single 74141 you need to switch the anodes with the 595, in high voltage multiplexing them and using persistence of vision. I supposed that this was the meaning of the transistor, for dividing the high voltage of the nixies from the low voltage of the IC's and the arduino...

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I understand, it's my mistake. Sorry for confusing you!


Are the Mps42A switching the anode?

MPSA42s to switch the cathodes, and MPSA42+MPSA92s to switch the anodes. Look at the bottom of http://sites.google.com/site/willyager/nixie-clock .

Cowjam, I'm glad you've gotten it working. Looking very cool!


Wow, I thought mine was complicated! I've just finished adding the second two nixies, using a breadboard and jumper wires is a nightmare. It's like playing kerplunk in reverse.

I've also added a rotary encoder for changing the numbers.

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