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I have added an example of how to check if a serial port is connected and open with an Arduino. From the example help file...

Echo demonstration

This shows a method by which the Arduino can determine if it is connnected to a serial port.

One technique is to send the Arduino a message from the IDE serial monitor. However, this also requires a person to be "attached" to the IDE to make this work and it is not so easy to ensure when, if at all, the message gets sent.

The approach with ESM4 is to have the Arduino send a message back to back to the ESM which it will then respond by sending a message back to the Arduino. If the message isn't received then it isn't connected.

Download version from the first posting.

Also returned the vSerialRead function to its previous state where it didn't need to process the serial input in two different ways depending on whether you wanted support for a wireless or not wireless connection to ESM4. The parsing of the input string is now moved to _esp.cpp library function.

Cheers Ala.


I've been working on customised visualisers/scripts for a little while for very specific applications (which only pop up if the correct messages are sent to the ESM so don't expect to see any new forms unless you are involved in these projects).

I am now back on the project so if there are features that anyone thinks would be of general interest please let me know and I will add them to my list for consideration.

Also if there is something very specific to your project please also consider getting in touch with me. I may be able to help.


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