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I'm still having no luck getting my cheap Android tablet to connect to an Uno.

The tablet has USB master, and you can plug a keyboard in - which works fine.

But it does not seem to detect the Uno, if I open a terminal on the Android and do ls /dev/tty, I just see a big list of devices - but nothing that stands out as being the Uno.

I was hoping to write an Android app (I can do that bit) to talk over USB to the Uno.

Anyone got any ideas on how I find the device? Anyone got this to work?

Plan B iss an ethernet shield, but it would be good if it could work over USB.
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The tablet and the Arduino are both USB Slaves.. 


Not this one (Zenithink ZT-180).

ARM Cortex-A8 Processor 1GHz+ ARM11 clocked to 1GHz
2GB Flash Memory
microSD memory card slot up to 32GB
10.2" TFT ,1024×600 RESISTIVE Touchscreen Display
WiFi support
1-USB 2.0 Host port and 1-USB 2.0 OTG port
2400 mAh battery (5-7 hours battery life)
Built in stereo speakers 1Wx2
1080p video playback support
Google Maps
and of course an Android 2.1 operating System
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Hi, i'm also interested in this issue.
My Archos 101 IT has an USB-Host but only MSC:

• USB slave 2.0: Mass Storage Class (MSC)
• Full size USB host: Mass Storage Class (MSC)

When i connect the Arduino or other USB-Serial-Adapters the devices are registered but only as usbdev2.2_ep00 and usbdev2.2_ep81 ....
(terminal ls /dev)
I think it's because of the MSC only.


What you need are the drivers to simulate a serial port.... if you want to go in a sort of backwards way.   You could search for FTDI drivers and you would notice there is a Linux one but no android.  of course, UNO did away with the FTDI chip but it's a point of reference anyway.

It seems a little backwards to me, however to train Android to recognize serial ports.  I think the way forward is custom Software on the UNO (on the chip that interfaces to the USB) to create some kind of device other than a serial port.  For ideas on that search the USB specifications to see what device would be appropriate... HID? 

another active forum that does a lot of 'hacking' is the Ubuntu forums; They do not talk about Uno but maybe they dip into Android.

I know this is not any kind of answer but maybe I have given you some ideas of where to research the topic.

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