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guys, I am an amature at best when it comes to electronics so please be patient. My question is this.. can I achieve full-spectrum colors using any micro surface mount rgbs that is connected to an arduino board... I have this great idea for this project so please help, anything will be greatly appreciated.


can I achieve full-spectrum colors

Do you mean visually? You can never get a full spectrum by additive light but you certainly can come close to it. Depends on what you are trying to do.


thankns for your post and yes i mean visually and i want it to be as close as to full color spectrum as possible. In all i want to to have all the features of the BlinkM smart led only with surface Mount Leds.. if you can guide me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it... I just got my arduino duemilanuve starter kit and now im lost


I'd suggest getting blinkm. You can get smt LEDs but your going to need some way to "break out" the LEDs to connect to the arduino pins.

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