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Hello, I have a Arduino Uno Wifi, that have the ESP8266 integrated, but I have been looking for how to access AT commands , but I do not find how it is done.

Does anyone have any idea how the process is?

Thank you


Post a link to the datasheet for the device you have that is  "Arduino Uno Wifi, that have the ESP8266 integrated"

Or do you just mean that you have a regular Arduino Uno connected to a regular ESP8266-01 module? If so, how is the module connected to the Uno?

Have you been trying some program that is not working for you? If so post the program and tell us exactly what happens when you run it.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.



Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


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So ... how about answering the OP's question ?

the answer is, there are no ugly AT commands only a nice Arduino networking API (if he installs the WiFi Link firmware)

or he could install the SDK AT firmware, use the connection over the build in IO expander* and use AT commands or the Arduino networking API with WiFiEsp library. but it would by the nearly same as using WiFi Link (WIFi Link can run multiple servers)

and if he masters the WiFi Link he can install a WiFi Link version with atmega sketch OTA upload**. and if he masters that, he can install a version of WiFi Link which skips the slow connection over the onboard io expander and use a direct connection over hw serial (with the consequence of not usable usb as usual)

* the connection of atmega and esp over on board io expander on Uno WiFi is similar to using SoftwareSerial with external esp modules. it uses TWI on analog pins 4 and 5.
** esp as wifi serial programmer for atmega

or he can solder a switch to TP which activates the direct serial connection and use it as any atmega with esp tutorial says

or he can put Firmata into Atmega and program his sketch on the ESP side with FirmataMaster library


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