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Guys i am using arduino ide on ubuntu 8.10, I want to set the ide serial port to ttyUSB0,but the serial menu item is disabled, can anyone tell how i can enable it


Its disabled when there aren't serial ports available
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Hi ecopolis,

Try searching this forum. A number of people have had problems/queries about using arduino with Ubuntu 8.10.

If none of the suggestions work then please post again and I'll see what I can do to help as I'm successfully using Ubuntu 8.10 64 bits.




Hey Veronica,

How did you work this out?
I'm using Ubuntu 9.1 but on my IDE Serial Port is disabled!!! :-(
Could you work this out?


It often depends on where you install the IDE.  It works best when its installed in your home folder, and it usully needs the computer restarting after installation before it works properly.

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