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Still... even when it's plugged... nothing under /dev/
The only usb references under /dev/  are:

usbmon0, usbmon1 and usbmon2 :-[

I have tty from 0 thru 60 and ttyS0, ttyS1, ttyS2 and ttyS3 (and all other ports that are not really related to this issue)

I have tried all my USB ports physical ports, but no sucess...


May I just ask, is the FTDI USB driver installed?

Have you a friend with a working Arduino? So you can test your install?
Or someone with a machine you could install the FTDI driver and Arduino IDE to test the hardware?
At least divide and hopefully conquer the problem.

I must admit, if the LEDs come on, then the Arduino is probably working. Do the LEDs come on?


The arduino lights up fine.
I can push the sketch from my Mac ( at the office) into my Arduino, but when I try to do the same on my notebook Ubuntu 9.1 the Arduino runs fine...but I cannot upload a different sketch to it

The Tools>Serial Port is disabled in the IDE ;)


The times I have seen this (though I haven't seen lots of problems with Linux's)
were when kernel support for serial devices had been removed.

Does this sound at all feasible? Do you build your own kernels?


No! I don't build my own kernel
I downloaded the ISO image from the Ubuntu 9.1 version avalible on the site.
The only extra is that this time I went for the 64 bits!

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