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I apologize if this is the wrong forum for this question.  Please feel free to redirect me appropriately.
We are a small start-up company that develops mobile systems.  We are looking for someone who can build a couple prototype systems for us on a independent contractor basis.
I am posting this here because the open source nature of the Arduino fits well with our objectives and I hoped there would be a few members here that are qualified to build a project for us.

The project would involve the Arduino, BlueTooth, and GSM, conected to lcd display that can display 160 characters.

Jeff K

Jeff K - JKDevices.com - home of the MegaMini


Probably the most useful extra information you could give is in which country are you?


Timeframe in which the prototype is to be completed, is also a good one.
And if it is a one-off project, at least denoting whether the compensation will be a fixed price, or per hour, also helps.


We are located in Cleveland, Ohio.  You can find some informatioon about us by searching for the name Exential.  This is the name of our IT consulting arm.  This project would be for our new company Access Mobility Inc.  Unfortunately, since it is a new company, there is not much info about us on the web, but you can find one of our Mobile products at Cellepathic.com.  What you see at Cellepathic is only a part of what we do.  We are also building mobile application for a variety of enterprises.
We routinely work with contractors and consultants on a "1099" basis, and would prefer a fixed fee arrangement, but and hourly basis with a project estimate is also ok.
We have at least 3 prototype concepts in the works, but we will start with one, and if the relationship works well then we will stick with that individual for others.


The time frame for the project will be starting in mid-May and would like to be done by mid-June.


but and hourly basis with a project estimate is also ok.

but we dont know what you want done yet so a time estimate is impossible


Help us self-select... Hardware? software? Both?  

Most importantly do you feel this proto is a month of 8 hours a day work or a night-and-weekends thing for arduino experts?

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