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Yup.  You just need to cast your (character) string to a byte string like this:

LcdStr(1, (byte *)"ok");

kuk-- I might suggest a slight modification to LcdStr as follows, since probably many people would use that to print static (char) strings, right?

Code: [Select]
void LcdStr (int size, const char *dataPtr )
 while ( *dataPtr )
   LcdChr( size, (byte)*dataPtr++ );



hi i'm having no luck with this lcd :S
i used kuk's code and the stuff on the playground linky and nothing is showing up on the screen :(
the screen is fresh out of a 3310, and was functioning fine, has only been powered from a 3.3v run RBBB and all soldering is good..

anyone know why i am getting nothing? screen should be working perfectly :S
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What's on your VOUT from the LCD? I needed to have a 4.7uf capacitor on mine for it to work. (though if it was disconnected entirely it did work somewhat)

Vout -----Cap-----Gnd


Hi all, I've got this lcd working using schematics and demo code from nuelectronics' Nokia 3310 LCD shield v1.0. Now I have one question and one problem.
The question is that in this thread is duscussed how to properly set i/o signals to 3.3v level. The nuelectronics' schematic does not use any level shifts and there is note on schematic saying "VCC -3.3V - 5V  All logic I/O compatible with 5V & 3.3V logic level". I've powered my lcd direct from 5v line from Arduino board and no level shifts on i/o lines. And everything worked. How could you explain this differencies?
Everything worked until I started to move SPI SS signal from default PB2 pin to PD6 pin (as I want to add SD-shield later where SS pin to PB2 is hardwired). The problem that characters are output turned up side down or mirror reflected against vertical axis. I have not figured it out yet which code modification gives either view but it always screwed somehow. I have read many threads like "two SPI devices on a bus" on the forum and tried few suggestions from there without further progress on the output. What may cause such a behaviour of the lcd?
Thanks in advance.


Updates: mirror reflectance was my mistake - left test changes. Characters turned half round - suppose some bugs in initialization.
Now display is working, will try to figure what changes were so critical.

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