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Awesome pic on that quad display, floresta - I love it!

;D ;D ;D
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Your sketch looks OK to me.  It looks pretty familiar as well - but that's how I learned all of my programming.

Like i said stupid question but just want to be sure.

Haven't you heard that there are no stupid questions?



Thanks. Yes that was the sketch you posted but with the highlighted lines changed. Just as an example to make sure i understood it right.



I think I almost follow your wiring and code.  

What's the little square thing on the breadboard to the left of each display, though?  Seems like it's tweaking the power for the LCD?  



It's the potentiometer that is used to adjust the contrast voltage (pin 3).  

It's the the kind of potentiometer that is designed to be soldered onto a PC board.



Awesome.  Thanks!  Pieces are coming together.   I may just be able to build that new derby track for the scouts after all.

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