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What is the Karma thing I see under my username?


seems if people love you they click karma+ and your count goes up (eg you gave some good advice)

if they despise you they click karma- and it goes down (eg your advice fried their last chip)

just have to work out what it all means now!
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I think the theory goes something like this...

A newbie comes to the forum.  She asks a question.  17 users reply.  All with more than 1000 posts each.  The advice is contradictory.  Who should she believe?

If fellow users really give "good karma" in response to "good advice" then the users with the highest karma are more likely to have given good advice so she should follow their advice first.


Sorry, but I just can't agree with the above.

(There are no girls on the internets.)
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20 GOTO 10


Can I see who voted me up or down?

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