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Hi, i just recieved my duemilanove board and pins 17-18 on the ic behind the usb port are soldered together. Is this correct or a bad solder? Please help i do not want to short out my board.


Yes, that's normal.  It freaked me out when I saw it on mine :).  If you look closely, their traces also connect.


Thank you so much. My first time posting on a forum and it was worth it. thanks soooo much.


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No problem.  Have fun, be safe :).

Don't be afraid to ask other questions if you have any :).

[edit]Just double checked myself, and I think you stated the pin numbers wrong.  The bridge should be between 25-26, not 17-18.  I'm 99% sure you number the pins counter clockwise around the chip.  This means that the bridged pins should be 3rd and 4th from the USB port on the top of the chip.[/edit]

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