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Another way to this, is to click on notify on your favorite threads.
This way you can always see a list on your favorite threads in your profile under Notifications and Email.

This is almost the same feature, and this way you can have as many favorites as you like  :)



In the end I used the notification feature but that list doesn't just contain your favourite posts. It contains much more clutter, not as focused.

Presumably I've lost my list of favourite posts from the old forum :-(

Is there any way to get a list of them so I can save them somewhere safe?



You can still access the old forum and see your favorites there.


OK. I see they're still there. Where do I find a link on the Arduino page to the old forum?

I ended up googling to access the old forum.

David Cuartielles


good point, I will link it from the top of the new forum, thanks

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