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Four wooden boxes for $1USD each, two plastic containers (one pictured) for $1 each. Perfect for my music box project and Phi_2 shield.


I hadn't, no.  Interesting stuff, shame they're out of stock of the kits.

It's all open source under Creative Commons.  You said you were already building a metronome plus now you put an Arduino in the middle!  Who doesn't love that?!  Just some food for thought if you want more usability out of it.  The PCB wont be as pretty, but that's about it.

My initial thought was that a metronome with an arduino would be huge.  My order from bitsbox.co.uk arrived yesterday and the speaker is huge! (well compared with how small the circuit could be) so I could easily fit an arduino on the space in the project box I've got for circuitboard.  Presuming, of course, that the arduino isn't going to be bothered by the magnetism of the speaker.


A smaller option to the huge speaker is a piezo instead.  That's what Wayne and Layne did.  It pulls double duty as an input for your tempo and an output for your metronome beep.  And I think most around here would recommend replacing that 555 with atmega.


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A few extremely purple PCBs from LAEN's PCB service via dorkbot PDX.

If put together correctly, these boards form quite a nice lamp for mounting underneath kitchen cabinets (top row of course, unless you fancy illuminating your feet).

Each board takes about 10W. Three of them are powered by a small 40W fan-less switching power supply (din-rail). The fat capacitors were added later and are necessary for smoothing out the supply line ripple induced by the PWM circuitry.
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I bought one last month and it arrived in the post yesterday :)

I've no application in mind - it just looked to be a fun board to mess around with.

I really should find something to do with it. A standalone tester sounds like a good application for it or I might repurpose the software and use it as a small user interface...

Link: http://www.gabotronics.com/development-boards/xmega-xprotolab.htm


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Thank you for the link.. not that I will buy one myself, but I want the possibility to drool on the webpage. :smiley-mr-green:

Nick Gammon


Cost me $3, too. Notice anything special about it? It's quite topical too, judging by recent news reports.


Does it get 37037037 * 18 correct?
What about 12345679 * 54 ?  (yes, the 8 is missing.)

Nick Gammon

I think so:

The thing that troubles me is that, being in Australia, May 21st is going to come somewhat sooner than for you guys.


The thing that troubles me is that, being in Australia, May 21st is going to come somewhat sooner than for you guys.

And that troubles you why?

I have 12h 28 min ish :)


@Nick: You've got no worries, mate, you have to turn it upside down, living where you do. Now it's all nine's ;)

That special thing is why it cost you 3$ (thats AUD I presume, so it is actually 7ยข more than the usual $).

:) :P :smiley-yell: :D XD

Nick Gammon

And that troubles you why?

Ah no worries then. It's 21th May and all is well.


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20x 608 ball bearings
1x Low noise fan
1x Cable carrier
1x 115x225x3 mm stainless steel plate
1x 225x225x3 mm aluminium plate
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Basic components... A LOT of basic components...
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2 pcs of Ultrasonic sensors for my robot(just 11$ for 1 and got 5%discount: NewsletterFivePercentOff) :


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