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So the arduino can talk to your card and then use that data for something.

The Arduino can also talk to the serial port. You could develop an application on the PC that would tell the Arduino to spool data from the SD card back to the PC, via the serial port. The PC application would then need to store the data spooled back.

Pretty simple application for the PC and for the Arduino.


Arduino isn't the right tool for this job.

Ask not "can I do this with Arduino", ask "what I need to get this done."

I suggest a Teensy, or a Teensy++, they have built-in USB

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It wouldn't be possible to connect directly with the sd card trough a separate usb cable hooked onto the sd shield?
Not going trough Arduino, so the sd cards looks just like a normal card connected directly to the pc.

My problems is that I need to make a watertight enclosure and i need access to the sd card files.


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