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Kuya Marc

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My First Post in the new Arduino Forum...

Hello Everybody! It's Kuya Marc, the writer for the Pasig HOBBYist Blog! As of this writing, I'm planning on starting Arduino Workshops in Metro Manila, Philippines. So far, there's no takers, but I'm in the process of introducing Arduino to my friends and relatives, one by one.

Over the past week and a half, I have made a lot of progress with my Arduino projects. All of the good news (and some bad news) is found on my blog. I won't be crossposting my projects into Arduino Forum because I'm too far away & speeds are too slow.

My Initial News about my Seeed Studio package on my blog (with pictures).

On the 2nd week of December 2010, I've declared my addiction to Arduino, superceding my long-term interests in Namco Pac-Man, and my interests in my PlayStation Portable 3001. I haven't encountered anything like Arduino, before, in all of my 30+ years of electronics and computers.

Due to my new passion for Arduino, I've created a new Twitter account to express... Follow @Pasig_Kaibigan to see my Arduino-oriented posts.

Thank you for having me in the Arduino Forum. Have a nice day!

Marc Miranda a.k.a. "Kuya Marc" & "Pasig HOBBYist"
I run Xubuntu Linux as my only computer operating system!
Windows does not run here; Only


Thank you for your friendship!

Saluti da Torino! (IT)


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