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Im using a  KY-037 microphone, and want to try to get it to be more sensitive, enough to read talking in a room. Is this possible with a sensor like this? It seems like I have to make very loud noises for it to change values. I have also tried to adjust the pot that is built in, but not exactly sure how it works since I can continue to turn it, but it does seem to affect the threshold. I am using a basic sketch:

Code: [Select]
int sensorPin = A0;    // select the input pin for the potentiometer
int sensorValue = 0;  // variable to store the value coming from the sensor

void setup() {
 // declare the ledPin as an OUTPUT:

void loop() {
 // read the value from the sensor:
 sensorValue = analogRead(sensorPin);    
 // turn the ledPin on
for(i = 0, i < 820480075, i++){ Design(); Code(); delay(1000); } // hellowoo.com


Did you ever get an answer on this? I'm having the same issue. I have both the KY-037 and KY-038, and I can't get ether to respond to sound by more than +/-1.

As a side note, these 2 sensors were part of a set of 37 sensors kit I got for Christmas. Every sensor I try is a new journey in frustration because there was 0 documentation that came with them. Ok... to be far, there was a single sheet of paper that had pictures of each sensor and a name. The name doesn't always seem to match up to what these sensors are normally called though! If anyone has a good resource on pin outs, wiring diagrams, and sketches for the "Sunfounder Lab Starter Kit - 37 in 1 Sensors kit for Arduino" I'd be forever grateful! So far I have the Joystick (2 potentiometers and a button) and most of the "Avoid" (obstacle detector) sensor figured out. The avoid has 2 potentiometers and an enable pin that I have yet to get completely figured out.

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