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Advice on Arduio software please.
I have a small involvement in PIC and MPlab and thought id give Arduino a go.
Ive downloaded v0022 and dont have a development board yet.
While using this software and trying out a few online tutorials from ladyada, ive noticed some differences.
The first thing is, In the Tools Menu I do not have the Microcontroller(MCU) option to select the MCU.
Secondly none of the sketches will display in the Serial Monitor, even if I try to modify the tutorials.

Is this because I have no board to connect or driver to install?
Or something else?

Im using an ASUS PRO31F laptop running Vista Business ( Yes I know....) and installed Arduino as admin.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

ps, exiting stuff this Arduino, wonder why I never heard of it untill now :-).


Without an actual Arduino, not much will work except Verifying (Compiling) programs (sketches) in the Arduino PC Software (IDE).

No Serial Monitor stuff will work, because it is listening for Arduino.

If you've done PIC stuff you should have no problem with Arduino and you'll find a LOT of interesting ideas and projects, and lots of Libraries of useful code you can utilize easily without managing Linkers and all that...

Need Hardware!

Regards, Terry King  ..On the Red Sea at KAUST.edu.sa


Thanks Terry.
I feel more confident now.
Hopefully ill be able to contribute soon but we all have to start somewhere.


Is this because I have no board to connect or driver to install?

Yep, AFIAK you need some hardware to send characters back to the serial monitor, unless there's a simulator option I haven't seen.

You would have been able to compile but not download.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


You might have a different version of software than the tutorial.

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