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Its a long time since I used Linux and I wonder what this does:
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xhost +localhost
xhost +root
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xhost allows for rudimentary access control to the X server. xhost +domain/username allows access to the X server to the specified domain/username.

man xhost:
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      The xhost program is used to add and delete host names or user names to
      the list allowed to make connections to the X server.  In the  case  of
      hosts,  this  provides  a rudimentary form of privacy control and secu-
      rity.  It is only sufficient for a workstation (single  user)  environ-
      ment,  although  it  does  limit  the worst abuses.  Environments which
      require more sophisticated measures  should  implement  the  user-based
      mechanism  or use the hooks in the protocol for passing other authenti-
      cation data to the server.



Ok, I got the mega connecting however I found no fix for openSUSE. I even tried doing a fresh install of openSUSE 11.2 rather than 11.3 and continued to get the same errors. So, I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.04 and installed Arduino IDE according to the Arduino directions and it worked perfect. I can load programs and connect to the Reprap Repsnapper software with ease.

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