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I have just started learning the arduino and ultimately would like to be able to interface with the following temperature sensor:
Compact Series - optris CS LT

I have the sensor with the usb connection (spliced wires accessible) and am looking for a good tutorial on how I might start to learn how to interface via arduino.  The end goal is to read and visualize the temperature into processing.

Thanks for any help!


Seems the easiest to start with is the example on page 2 of the spec. Yellow can be 0 to 5 volts analog output which is compatible with Arduino A0 to A5 inputs.

It also has 9600 Baud serial data out that is compatible with Software Serial library of Arduino..

I THINK you have to talk to it with the USB serial connection to initially set it up.  They provide some kind of software for this..


Terry right, I confirm that nothing could be simpler. output (yellow) directly to the analog input. additionally 10k resistor between the input and 5V and 47nF capacitor in paralel, for measurement did not hesitate to much

Resistor will be down measurement so please take into account it in own code by calibratoin device

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