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I have just ordered an arduino and temp sensor from adafruit industries and should be receiving it next week. I will keep you guys updated


It is getting shipped out tomorrow I should have it by Tuesday :)


I started with arduino last year and have had a lot of fun with them. I've been here a while but I'm definitely still a newbie with electronics.

I've recently bought Beginning Arduino ( http://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Arduino-Michael-McRoberts/dp/1430232404/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1292237617&sr=8-1 ), it's really good.  If you've not much experience with electronics then I'd recommend it, it's very well written and is worth spending the cash on compared to googling for stuff.


I have watched lots of you tube videos about arduino's and figured it was about time for me to get one. I already have some projects planned. I found some Google books that should help.


How is you Arduino + Temperature sensor?
Moving into what?

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