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I know how to setup the ethernet shield on my local network. What do I need to be able to share a page with the world? (Like you could access it from your house)
I know I need a domain name and the shield, but do I need to call my ISP or anything?


Most home routers support port forwarding. Outside ip/port number to Inside ip/port number.

How it works is if a connection is made to your home routers outside ip/port number the packet is forwarded to a inside ip/port.

Usually you don't need to contact ISP unless you want a static outside ip address.

Just be sure to configure Arduino to use your router as it's Default Gateway.
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but do I need to call my ISP or anything?

Legally, you're probably required to,  and you're probably also not allowed to set up the page, anyway: your "home service" contract probably has a "no servers allowed" clause.  Your ISP doesn't want you sucking up the entire neighborhood's upload bandwidth serving up porn for profit.  Especially not if they're also in the business of selling high-priced "commercial" connections.

As a practical matter, they're almost certainly not going to care if your Arduino is serving up a 200-byte page of temperature readings a few dozen times per day.  Almost certainly: there's always the chance that you have the misfortune of dealing with some real (bleeps) who delight in having power over their customers.  And even otherwise-tolerant ISPs might get upset if you start getting many thousands of hits per day.

Assuming you're not that unlucky, you can get by without registering a domain name: there are "dynamic DNS" organizations set up for people like you who will assign you a machine name within their domain,  and let you update the DNS record as your IP address changes.  I haven't done it, myself, so I can't offer any recommendations about which to use.  But a google search for "dynamic DNS" should get you some links to praise and horror stories from users, and to practical how-to information.


Thanks! Maybe I'll stick to my home network.


Thanks! Maybe I'll stick to my home network.

I would not make that decision just based on speculation. If your server is used for private non commercial purposes or use excessive bandwidth (ISPs usually limit your up/down bandwidth), then they probably won't care. There are many server based applications in use today like pc anywhere and home automation programs that are server based.
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