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Author Topic: I am using arduino in my 300-level electronics class  (Read 4016 times)
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John, I'm interested in your V2.0 .. let us know what we can see.

Also, please contact me off-list about possibly making these available on my site...

I have a lot of new Electronic Brick stuff here: I think the Electronic Bricks are especially good for beginners and class situations where you'd like to be really sure about your connections and concentrate on designing software sketches and higher-level systems. 

Personally I love the basic prototyping stuff,but in many cases shields like yours, Bricks etc. make it more approachable for people starting out.  Works well in a workshop I am doing. People have temperature going to a web page, robots moving, and one guy will be using your shield to build a Camera Controller for Time-Lapse etc..

I think shields and bricks are why Arduino has gone so far past the PIC-hacking days in terms of number of users.

Regards, Terry King  ..On the Red Sea at  LEARN! DO! (Arduino Boards, Sensors, Parts @

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Hey Terry,

Thank you for your interest. I'm glad you've found use for the phi-1 shield.
The Phi-2 shields are manufactured and shipped to my home so I should get them in a few days.

I have sent you an email to the address you listed in your contact

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