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Ah, thank you. I think that I may have it wired up wrong since the Arduino power LED goes really dim as if I were drawing too much current but this happens without turning any of the LEDs on the matrix on. Just to clarify; on the 3216RG there is a ribbon connector within this connector there are 3 GNDs and 3 +5v pins. There is also a separate GND and +5v terminal on the 3216RG. Do I need to power this separate connector too?



Wagner Sartori Junior

There's no need to power both pins. Only the separate GND/+5V is OK. Please, pay attention if you're using a not regulated wall wart as it can give you much more than 5V.


I also have 4 of the P7.62 3216 displays and I want to use them in this configuration


how could I achieve this?
I've tried Tim Gilmores HT1632_8 files in an [1][2][3][4] configuration and I ran in the same problem as he described here:

an alternative config could be [1][2][3][4] where each display in 90° rotated.
the resulting display should be 64x32

any help or pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated!


what code should I use in order to print a value store in an "int"?

Try this:

char convInt;
int value1 = 0;
value1 ++;
itoa(value1, contInt, 10)

ht1632_putchar(0, 0, convInt, GREEN);

I have problems with printing values:(

I am using library DallasTemperature now. Examples with serial port and DS18B20 works fine, but how can I print value 25.40 on my display?

Upper example doesn't work.


Try something like this:
Code: [Select]

char buffer[20] = {0};
sprintf(buffer, "Temp is %5.2fC ", temp);

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