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Have you seen this before?

Yes. I don't have an explanation though.


Have you seen this before?

Yes. I don't have an explanation though.

Ive been planning to buy some more units and hook them up in a 64x32 configuration, then this could become a problem again I guess?



Of course.
You also need a good 5V power source capable of at least 3A. (Pololu has one.)


Hi team, I have two Sure 3216 displays and there is no way to have them working OK.
I have tried several codes I found on the forum (and elsewhere) but there is allways something wrong with characters being displayed at the wrong position.

Can any of you tell me where can I find a simple code that works flowlessly with 2 displays?

I just want to be able to plot dots on a 32x32 matrix, no funcy graphics and/or characters, just dots!!!

Many thanks in advance for any kind of help...

David Cuartielles


the issue with this displays is not that the code most people are using is wrong ... I got a couple of displays from a friend today and I had the same issues explained by @eslin. After reading the code and realizing there was nothing bad in it, I realized that the 74hc164 chip is sending the output from pin QD directly to CS_OUTPUT. This means there is no delay between CS_OUTPUT in one SURE display and the CS_INPUT in the next when you daisy chain the displays.

The proper way of doing this would have been if the manufacturer had used QE as the CS_OUTPUT. Once you have the display, there is actually a patch for this without cutting anything. I also realized that the capacitor C1 is not mounted on the board. Adding a 1nF capacitor there did the magic for me. It delayed the load of the CS_INPUT enough to stop the bug of happening.


See the attached picture

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