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Ita a bit confusing for us not used to forums.... :smiley-roll-sweat:

and how can I get my forum life that flashes before my eyes when I log on ( scrolling down in ghostly silhouette ) to go slower so I can see it! XD
45 years of editing projects with a knife and soldering iron, then I found Arduino !



this hopefully will go in the help section once finished.


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thanks a lot,  that all looks very good, though some of us might have to Google a couple of the heroes - Shannon to me is  a lovely river in Ireland where Irish Whiskey was invented, by the chef at the Foynes flying boat terminal - a hero indeed  - how does that suit you  Grumpy Mike ?    :)
45 years of editing projects with a knife and soldering iron, then I found Arduino !



obviously we chose Claude Shannon:


but your proposal is also pretty good


Gotta love the reference that he kept what is now seen in many variations as "the [world's] most useless machine [ever]" on his desk XD
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He was pretty awesome, a normal sized magnetic mouse robot that solved and navigated mazes :)..


I suspect that the relay control logic was not inside the mouse..


this reminds me ... maybe Douglas Engelbart, the father of the "Demo of the Demos" should be in this list, or maybe Mark Weiser .... buff, so many relevant people ... I just get lost.

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