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Hello all, sorry for my poor English!!

Studying the Arduino, I have known and used, the Xbee devices. I wanted to ask you if is possible to create a bridge, using two Xbee devices, to link a device that uses the RS232 (9-pin) and a PC. I would like to make a kind of virtual cable.

What do you think? Thank you all!


That is easy!
You will need a MAX232 chip on each XBee module, also a 3V power supply for each module.
Once you have them wired up it will be the same as having a cable.


Thank's you!!

In your opinion, using this (linked to serial peripheral):

and this one (linked to pc):

and, of course, 2 Xbee modules,  are good?? I will be able to use the peripheral as if it is physically linked to pc?


I've never seen one of the serial port XBee boards. But with those and 2 of the right kind of XBees (series 1), properly configured, wireless communication is easy.




Hi GianfrancoPa,

Could you please elaborate with some more detail what exactly did you do?
I need to the same thing :)

Thank you.



I linked my rs232 peripheral to this Xbee shield:

Then, I've used this x-bee/usb adapter

I've configured two Xbee modules for point to point connections, and stop, that's all!!

You've understand now?

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