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Hello all, sorry for my poor English!!

Studying the Arduino, I have known and used, the Xbee devices. I wanted to ask you if is possible to create a bridge, using two Xbee devices, to link a device that uses the RS232 (9-pin) and a PC. I would like to make a kind of virtual cable.

What do you think? Thank you all!


That is easy!
You will need a MAX232 chip on each XBee module, also a 3V power supply for each module.
Once you have them wired up it will be the same as having a cable.


Thank's you!!

In your opinion, using this (linked to serial peripheral):

and this one (linked to pc):

and, of course, 2 Xbee modules,  are good?? I will be able to use the peripheral as if it is physically linked to pc?


I've never seen one of the serial port XBee boards. But with those and 2 of the right kind of XBees (series 1), properly configured, wireless communication is easy.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.




Hi GianfrancoPa,

Could you please elaborate with some more detail what exactly did you do?
I need to the same thing :)

Thank you.



I linked my rs232 peripheral to this Xbee shield:

Then, I've used this x-bee/usb adapter

I've configured two Xbee modules for point to point connections, and stop, that's all!!

You've understand now?

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