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Is the analogue input a normal one or a differential one? My device outputs a simple voltage, I wouldn't like to convert it myself to a differential input.

No, the Arduino analog input pins are single ended, which means there must also be a common ground connection from the voltage source being measured to the Arduino board.



Analog input is unipolar so you can't feed it negative voltages. The actual ADC is possibly differential (but not implemented in Arduino), which means you can have two channels work in differential mode, but that doesn't mean either input can go below 0V or above AREF. That could damage it.

Some details of what you want to do is helpful, without mentioning names like matlab or simulink. Say, what problem you are attacking, what input are you getting, range, frequency, and how do you want to process it and what output do you want to do. You're assuming everyone know what you're all along, like opening a physics book to chapter 5 section 4 and point at formula 6 and say help. If you instead say you need help with understanding forces, and then lead us to some details, we could possibly follow and help.

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