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video sampler: http://gieskes.nl/visual-equipment/?file=gvs1


Very very nice.  That is really awesome work, gijs.


thanks! and also thanks for the video input in the tvout lib, it would not have been possible without it.



I need your help.
I´m working with TV-Out-Audio R.5.91 and an Arduino Duemilanove with an ATMEGA328. Everything works fine. But I have few questions:
1) TVOut needs a lot of RAM as Videoram. Knows someone how many RAM is left?
2) Maybe I will need more RAM. Is it possible to use 23K256 SPI RAM. Is SPI working?
3) I would like to use EEPROM (24LC256) (I2C) too. Is I2C working?



Is the signal generated by TVOut standard or slightly different?
I'm trying to capture that signal with a USB dognel on my laptop but it doesn work, while it perfectly works with any other device.
I tried already putting that 25 ohm resistor but it didnt change anything. Any help?


The vertical sync is not quite standard.  So some devices will not work.  I have not found a device that doesn't work, but your USB device may be too picky about the standard.


Is there something I could do to try to fix the problem?
I've spent way too much time after this damn EasyCAP USB device to just give up. And starting from next week, I will move back to Estonia where I won't have a TV, so it's my only chance to keep experimenting.


I have an EyeTV Hybrid and have never had any luck getting TVOut to work with it, which is a shame as it would make recording demos etc much easier!



anyone figure out how to get ps2 keyboard and tvout to play nice?

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